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Data meets healthcare

The HealthWork International group of companies uses data-driven solutions to increase workforce effectiveness, efficiency and quality for health care organisations, government, and professional associations. We address problems of health workforce supply, distribution, need, and capability. Our outputs add value to clinical service delivery, increase workforce effectiveness and efficiency, sharing of information, evidence, and expertise, and provide platforms to support health practitioner quality and competence.

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Combining geospatial, interactive maps of health workforce supply, demand and need data to guide workforce planning, prioritisation and development supported by workforce survey data where required.

Tailored support for member based organisations and emerging occupational groups to develop membership services; self-registration; and professional accreditation.

High quality information, resources and publications for a global health audience including newsletters, books and digital resources.

Information, resources and advice to help allied health workforce, managers, employers and policy makers respond to the changing dynamics of the 21st Century health care environment.

Our latest publication

STEPPING OUT THE OTHER SIDE: Finding purpose through adversity

Sometimes adversity can be a blessing in disguise. This was certainly the case for Peter Bell who had struggled with undiagnosed mental illness issues since childhood. A breakdown at the age of thirty-eight resulted in him being admitted to hospital, where he finally found the help he needed. A diagnosis of obsessive- compulsive disorder brought some relief and, with the help of a support network of family and health professionals, Peter took the first steps in the fight of his life. Over many months, Peter learned how to manage his illness and to live a more meaningful life. He now refers to his breakdown as a “breakthrough”.

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