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Supporting sustainable and flexible workforce development and planning.

Improving access to quality healthcare by optimising health workforce planning, regulation, training, distribution, and capabilities through data-driven solutions.

What we do.

HealthWork International works with health care organisations, government and professional associations to improve the quality and effectiveness of service delivery by providing a complete suite of services to support health workforce planning, development, capacity building, registration and regulation.

Group Companies

How we can help you.

Professional Regulation, Association Management and Secretariat Support

HealthWork Solutions

Workforce Consultancy, Mapping and Knowledge Dissemination

AHP Workforce

Allied Health Communities of Practice, Courses and Professional Development

The Allied Health Academy

Our Approach

HealthWork Solutions provide support and expertise in health care professional regulation and registration. Our platforms facilitate the maintenance of health practitioner quality and competence. Additionally, we offer data-driven insights to inform decisions regarding workforce supply and demand.

AHP Workforce offer a range of tools and information to assist in analysing workforce supply and demand. These resources can enhance workforce effectiveness and efficiency. Additionally, our workforce tools enable the matching of talent with specific needs, including competencies, accreditation, and employment matching.

The Allied Health Academy offers specialised programs designed for allied health professionals, allied health businesses, and healthcare providers. Our comprehensive programs cater to the unique requirements of each group, with options for in-person and online learning. By fostering vibrant communities of practice, we create an environment of peer support and continuous learning.

Our commitment to personalised mentoring, advisory services, and exclusive membership programs ensures that we proactively address the challenges of the dynamic healthcare landscape. Join us today and become an integral part of our inclusive and supportive community.

HealthWork Mapping gives organisations the tools and data to facilitate optimal healthcare delivery and planning.

Gain insight into the profession-specific drivers of the need for allied health services with essential data to facilitate optimal healthcare delivery and planning, combining geospatial modelling, mapping of workforce supply, and comprehensive health workforce surveys.

Allied Health Insights

Thought-provoking and incisive commentary relevant to your profession and health care sector each week, written by your peers and leading allied health researchers, as well as community notices, job offers, reviews and recommended articles.

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AHP Workforce Projects

AHP Workforce partners with organisations and individuals to build capacity in allied health workforce planning and strategy. We have worked with a number of employers and public sector stakeholders to provide a range of allied health workforce planning, strategy and consulting services.

Join The Allied Health Academy's online Communities of Practice.

Global Advanced Practice Collective

This is a Community of Practice for advanced allied health practitioners with an interest in continuing professional development and peer group discussion. Our online advanced and consultant AHP collective is a platform for advanced practitioners to discuss and solve specific problems, share insights into patient care, and collaborate on evidence-based practice. This community of advanced allied health practitioners from across the globe fosters continuous learning, provides networking opportunities, and facilitates discussions around diverse aspects of healthcare.

Allied Health Assistants CPD Learning Community

The AHA CPD Learning Community, designed specifically for allied health assistants, facilitates monthly educational webinars and provides an active community feed, creating a platform to expand your knowledge, ask questions and learn from your colleagues. This peer-learning approach offers valuable insights from others in similar roles and those working across different fields. Join our AHA CPD Learning Community to share knowledge, learn together, and enhance your capacity for delivering quality care.