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HealthWork Solutions supports Allied Health Assistants’ National Association Ltd in finalising membership rules

The Board of Allied Health Assistants’ National Association Ltd (AHANA) yesterday approved its membership structure and admission criteria, representing a significant step forward for the Australian Allied Health Assistant (AHAs) workforce.

“After reflecting on the feedback provided through AHANA’s consultation process in August this year, HealthWork Solutions has been working with the AHANA Board to underpin AHA membership,” said Susan Nancarrow, CEO of HealthWork International and Chair of the AHANA Board. “Our first step was to define what an Allied Health Assistant (AHA) is. The breadth of experience of the AHANA Board members was invaluable in identifying a robust definition that reflects the diversity of the AHA workforce. After settling the definition, our Senior Policy Advisor, Dr Anne-Louise Carlton, led the design of a membership By-law and rules to document the criteria, fees and evidentiary requirements for each level of membership for consideration of the AHANA Board.

“The new membership structure reflects the original proposal presented in August and has been fine-tuned by the Board based on feedback received, approaches used by other self-regulating professions, and to ensure alignment with State employment awards containing AHA salary classifications. We are confident that there is a membership pathway for anyone interested in becoming a member. We are particularly proud of the grandfathering provisions that enable AHAs to be recognised for extensive experience as well as qualifications,” said Susan.

Lauren Schneider, General Manager of HealthWork Solutions/AHP Association Management, added: “With the finalisation of the membership criteria, HealthWork Solutions’ AHP Association Management division will complete the new AHANA website ready for public release and work with the CEO, Mr Ben Turnbull, and the Board to develop efficient systems for processing the membership applications which we will receive from January, 2023 onwards. AHANA expects to offer an extended period of membership to its Foundation Members (from registration through to 30 June 2024, for individual members) for providing early support to this exciting new professional peak body and to align future membership periods to the financial year.”

About HealthWork Solutions and AHP Association Management

HealthWork Solutions (a wholly owned subsidiary of HealthWork International) and its AHP Association Management division provides secretariat support and management to member-based associations that support allied health professions and affiliated occupations. The expert support provided by AHP Association Management to clients in these functions enables boards to focus on delivering higher value services to members and reduce their reliance on volunteers or staff. 


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  • Lauren Schneider (General Manager HealthWork Solutions/AHP Association Management)