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AHP Workforce Launches HealthWork Mapping

AHP Workforce, a wholly owned subsidiary of HealthWork International, is proud to announce the launch of HealthWork Mapping, a suite of analytical tools for government, peak bodies and other organisations, combining geospatial modelling, mapping of workforce supply, and comprehensive health workforce surveys.

HealthWork Mapping provides unique insights into the nexus where population need for allied health services meets allied health professional supply, using our novel algorithmic Allied Health Index of Need. Each profession-specific Allied Health Index of Need synthesises key drivers of population need for a particular allied health profession’s services into an intuitive metric, transcending traditional proxies for population need which can obscure the real picture.

Overlain with workforce supply to the Statistical Area 3 level and provided in an interactive dashboard or report, our mapping products support organisations to make data-driven decisions on the commissioning and/or deployment of allied health services. We also offer an extensive suite of health workforce surveys that delve into the perspectives, experiences, and needs of health professionals. We can help you illuminate and understand the realities of working in your healthcare organisation, aiding you to make targeted, evidence-based decisions to improve workforce attraction, morale and retention, and the quality of care.

Find out how HealthWork Mapping can help to drive strategic health workforce planning for your organisation.